Veg bed update

So, we now have:

1 outside bed with onions and shallots in it.
1 outside bed ready for squash
1 outside bed dug over ready for beans/chard/leeks etc
1 bed that needs a lot of work
1 bed with first early and baking potatoes in it
1 half filled herb bed

In the poly we have half of the long bed with some leaf salad that is doing brilliantly
1 wigwam with some sugar snaps just shooting
Half of the small bed with pak choi and beetroot coming up

Also seeded up are courgettes, melons, butternut, sweetcorn, leeks, dill, parsley and basil.

The strawberry and raspberry beds need some attention!

No sign of any asparagus so that will need to be ditched. I don’t think it suits our heavy soil.

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