Lambing Live

Went out this morning at 7.45, came back at 10.30 to find two freshly born lambs. No messing about with Soays! Ellie (the one ewe we know because she’s friendly) had healthy twin tups, numbers 12 and 13. She had kindly used the catch pen to give birth so we also took the opportunity while tagging the lambs to worm her.

It seems with Soays that they often lamb in clusters, so we weren’t that surprised when a couple of hours later one of the older ewes started to look very uncomfortable and started manically licking her licks. No idea what purpose this serves but they all seem to do it. After a fair amount of circling, lying down and getting up, she had a single gimmer lamb (number 14). She continued to look uncomfortable though so we wondered if it was twins. We hadn’t seen any after birth either though so we thought it may be related to that. We decided to give her an hour before approaching her and tagging the lamb. We managed to catch her by using the lamb to entice her into the catch pen (the older ones are more wiley than Ellie) and did the tagging and worming. She seemed ok although not as relaxed as we thought she should be. We decided against poking around to much and thought perhaps it was a difficult birth and she may need longer to recover than normal. I’m glad we did as a couple of hours later she was fine and eating the after birth. Hmmm.

Anyway, all good, 3 ewes to go!



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