Flood One of 2013

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So we were expecting the flood today, although frankly always at the back of our minds hope the MET office have got it wrong. This is the 6th flood I think in less than a year and, according to our neighbour, the worst for around 7 years. Something that didn’t happen last year was the footpath along the side of our land flooding, which it did this time. Nearly up to the top of the boots. The whippet wasn’t happy and had to be carried, although we didn’t as get far as the park as the ford was just to deep to cross. Some poor person had parked their car within its reach 😦 .

There is a water height measure at the ford, which goes from a minus measure to up to an 8. The water level was at 5 this morning and I think it had already receded a little. We always thought it was ridiculous that the scale went up that high…

I’m sure there will be plenty more floods by the time the year is out but maybe if it could stop so we could have a spring and summer from March to September time that would be nice?


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