Sheds of grey

We have had another big flood. That is the fifth in 2012. It’s getting boring. Each time it totally flood our shed, and we have to move our chickens to a make shift home. So today we decided to permanently move our chicken shed, and be done with it.

We like to rotate our stock, so we started looking into smallish plastic arcs. We won’t be keeping chickens once this crew pass on to the big dust bath in the sky, so we wanted something flexible. We spent an hour or two this morning looking into a few options. Nothing was working out any cheaper than £200, which seemed a bit step for 5 chickens.

So in true doozer fashion I said ” I think I can make one”. Becs and I drew little pictured and scratched our heads and in the end decided that if we took the current shed apart, we would have enough decent material to make a smaller more portable version. See the pictures below for the results.









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