Seasons for a reason: Veg harvest 2012

It’s been a very poor year for veg this year. A gulf stream got stuck on the wrong side of GB and caused us to have a cold, wet May – July. We all drooped at the lack of sunlight, and the veg were no different. Nothing grew. Vegetables in this country have seasons for a reason. Seeds need warm soil to germinate (spring), and seedlings need sunlight to photosynthesise. Plants need nitrogen to produce leaves and potassium to produce fruit. Without sunlight the whole thing become like an opera without music.

So we have been more or less veg-less.

The onions have been the stonking exception and chard always grows like a weed. The poly tunnel has been a god-send, we had a good early crop of salad and a reasonable sugar snap harvest. The tomatoes are just coming on now but don’t look that promising. The beans refused to grow entirely and the strawberries, rhubarb and asparagus all put in a very poor show.

The biggest disapointment is the courgettes, a few coming through… Better late than never, but no where near the normal abundance. No squash as yet.

So if this is your first year as a veg gardener, don’t disappear. This is unusually bad. Try again next spring 😉


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