Sheep planning/ pasture rotation

We’ve been thinking about our pasture management plans for the autumn. Several factors are important when thinking about where to put things from September to January; we like to keep the birds and bunnies on higher ground, and we have to keep various groups of sheep separate. So the plan is as follows.

July – September. Birds and bunnies move to the camping area which has been rested since early this year.

Sheep stay put on the main pasture.

September – Nov
Birds and bunnies on the highest part of the main pasture.

Sheep forest garden


Birds and bunnies stay on the top pasture.

Breeding Ewes and Rambo in Forest garden.

Fattening Ewes under tree with Wesley

Fattening Rams at the bottom of the main pasture until slaughter at Christmas.

We are unsure if this will work or of they will jump fences, but we are going to give it a go.


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