How to candle a goose egg

Tonight we candled our goose eggs. They have been in our incubator for 10 days. Watch the video to see how it is done. We have got 3-4 out of 8 possible so far. 18 days to go.

After we had looked at the eggs in the incubator, we crept out to candle the eggs that Lucy has been sitting on. We weren’t convinced that she had been on the job properly, but with hindsight that was wrong. She has 4 eggs which look very dark, with small air sacks, which looks like it is in keeping with diagrams showing 18 days progression. She (weirdly) also has three which look at a similar stage to the ones on the incubator, and 3 which look like they are not working.

So..out plan is to take a look again in a week. If the dark ones look like they have a bigger air sack, then they are viable, and she might hatch 4. We will remove the other fertile ones and put them in the incubator, as the hatch dates would be way too spread out for her.

Fingers crossed, we could be goose rich within a few weeks.


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