How to make a livestock trailer/ How to make a sheep trailer

OK, so maybe this post should be called ‘how to make a sheep trailer using an old car trailer and an IBC. An IBC for those of you who don’t work in chemical industry is one of these. I have been thinking about a way to make my  5ft car trailer a bit more robust for times when I want to transport my sheep from A – B. We keep a small primitive sheep called Soay, so the commercial livestock trailers seemed way over the top for 5 or 6 of these little critters. I had previously used a wooden crate, but in the end that has rotted and we are currently using it as a field shelter. Anyway….it just so happened that a good friend of mine gave me an IBC…and I got thinking about the cage around the outside.

The Cage is either mild steel or stainless steel tubing, but either way it is pretty strong, so today I measured it against the trailer and realised that if I cut it half lengthways, I would be left with two large curved metal grids, perfect for the top of my trailer. Once I had used a little pipe cutter (plumbing) to cut through the frame, I mounted the two halves in long pieces of wood. I drilled 19mm holes in the wood, so the frame would slot in. This gives me a curved frame mounted on a wooden base, which I can now bolt to the trailer. I had to cut a short piece of off one of the pieces, so that I could fix them together and they would fit the length exactly, but as you can see it is almost as thought it is meant to be.



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