Sunday plotting

I had a great day on the plot today. It felt like the first day of spring, which in some ways sucks, as it is half way through May. The good news is that, with all this rain, the hose pipe ban will not be effecting the midlands. Hoorah!.

We turfed Vita off of the goose eggs today, as they were unsuccessful, long over due and starting to smell. I gave her a shower with the hose, which she really enjoyed. Sadly no goslings as yet. Becs and I have begun to think about investing in a large, kick arse, incubator to hatch a few goose eggs, and maybe even some Muscovy eggs. After chatting this through with her Dad, we became the proud recipients of a ‘Johnson Speculative Christmas Grant’. Which basically means, Becky’s dad has said he will pay for the incubator if we provide their Christmas dinner. 🙂 So tonight I am incubator shopping, we may even be able to pay him back in sixth months if we get enough geese to ‘give away’ around Christmas.

I spent all day mowing and strimming, for a change ( as Becs was out and about and therefore unavailable to be bossy about the power tools ;).

Oh…I nearly forgot, Flow (bunny) has had 6 huge babies, and is doing a great job at raising them. Our rabbits are brilliant, and never fail to deliver….well done Mack and Flow.


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