Soay Lambing tips

Just wandering through the net this evening and found this really great post on soay lambing.

We have been lucky enough not to need to do any of these things as yet, but I am adding this link for next year..just in case.

All six lambs are super healthy and rocketting around with mums. I have been looking at Castlemilk Moorit sheep today on the web, and am getting very interested. They look like really lovely ginger Soays, but a bit bigger, and woudl cross well with a Soay Ram, but they are a very rare breed so I’m not sure how right it is to buy a ewe with the sole purpose of crossing it.


2 responses to “Soay Lambing tips

  • Auntie Sandra

    Hi Both,
    Our Shetland sheep have now gone to live with the shepherd who used to shear them, where apparently they are doing a good job of helping to protect his ewes and lambs ( being wethers) One of ours was a moorit, and they are not particularly rare, have you considered Shetlands? xxxx Auntie Sandra

    • RJ

      Only just seen your comment, sorry for the delay! I think any breed change would be a way off to be honest, but yes I think Shetlands would be a possibility. Sounds like wonky eye and friend are having a great time šŸ™‚ x

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