Primary project and How to tell if a goose is broody.

So I dropped into see Sean, and picked up the 12 light sussex fertile eggs, then flew over to Rothwell Junrs and frightened the light out of class teacher with my complicated explanation of humidity, candelling and setting up the brooder. Miss Hill will be starting the project on Tuesday,so the due date will be the week before half term. As I was explaining the whole process, a little girl (in on her lunchtime) listened with widening eyes to the concept of the incubator as a mummy hen…very cute. Fingers crossed for them. I owe Sean a cockerel if the hatch goes well, he wants one to diversify his blood line. Then I popped over to my mum and dads to set them up with the remaining 5 eggs. One of their bantam was a broody as broody can be. This is really fortunate, as then if the Rothwell eggs don;t work, we may still be able to let the school brood a couple from the Banty. Meanwhile back on the farm, Becs has been busy “cleaning out the shed, after the bloody flood”, and also spotted the fact that Lucy (goosey) has become much more broody..hopefully she will decide to sit on a clutch soon. Check out the video…Pierre also makes an appearance.

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