Bit baffled this evening as we arrive home after work to find Daisy, one of our girl geese collapsed in a heap on the ground in their pen. Her feathers were a bit ruffled but there was no sign as to why she had died. Pierre and Lucy seemed fine (health wise anyway, but time will tell as to whether they spend the night pining), and we haven’t changed anything about their grazing area at all so we are at a loss to explain what may have happened. We suppose it’s possible that Pierre squashed her when mating with her but that seems unlikely, so perhaps it was a heart attack. It’s very sad when this sort of thing happens, but I guess you can only do your best to pre-empt possible issues. She seemed in very good health and wasn’t looking at all under the weather this morning. She had literally just started laying too for the first time and had laid her 3rd egg this morning. We will probably never know what the problem was 😦


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