April showers

So far we have been pretty restrained in terms of breeding. Virginia is currently sitting on 4 goose eggs, due to hatch in another two weeks. I’m really excited about this, even 3 goslings would be a result. Due to Vg sitting, and our Indian runner drake mating with Vita, our Muscovy girl, we haven’t brooded any Muscovy ducks yet, but we are hoping to do this later in the season.

We have given a few pure bred Muscovy eggs to my friend down the road to put under her broody duck, so later in the season at the right tome, we will get a few back, to make our clutch even bigger. Muscovys can sit on clutches of up 20 eggs, so we should still have plenty of ducks for the winter.

Having mixed parentage in one clutch is good, as you can sell them as a breeding pair. Bs drake is black so we should be able to tell the two lines apart.

Tomorrow we will put our love bird rabbits together. This is the hightlight of Macks year. He obviously enjoys the procreation, but he seems to just love being in with Flo. They lay around together for a week looking very happy and relaxed until Flo gets fed up with him. I wish we could leave them in together for longer but obviously rabbits breed like …er.. Rabbits if you give them half a chance.

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