Spring jobs

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It has been a glorious day to day. Surprisingly sunny and warm. We got outside and began to work through the spring jobs, in shorts and t-shirts (just about). In the evening, I cooked the first BBQ of the season.

The most exciting job of the day was opening up the hive to have a look at the Bees. We replaced James’ brood box for our own and moved the frames across. Lots of Bees, all buzzing around us, but they still remained in a reasonable mood, even after having all of their furniture moved. I didn’t see much in the way of brood, so am a little bit worried. We also didn’t spot the queen, although we weren’t really trying. They still have stores, so I am not sure if we need to feed them or not. We will check again next weekend if the weather is O.K.

I spent the weekend making and mending, and Becky got on with some planting. As you can see in the slide show, she has put in about 150 onions (sturon) variety and used old fire guards to stop the birds pulling them up.  Lovely job!

I built another compost bin using old pallets, and thought long and hard about a pallet shed I want to make, but more of that later.

On Friday I was given some wood by a neighbour of mine, in exchange for a box of duck eggs. ( A good country trade). So I have built another raised bed in the poly tunnel. The other one is mostly used for early salad crops, so this one we are going to use for tomatoes, as we identified this as a shortfall crop in autumn last year. By shortfall, I mean, a crop that we could have used a lot more of through the winter.

Becky was delighted all day, and was obviously pleased to see the sun again, I too am warming up to the season.

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