Peg Loom

My father-in-law kindly made me this awesome peg loom for Christmas. (home made presents are the best. We did well this year, 2 Quilos, a boot rack and the loom!).

Last night I tried it out. To set up the warp, you thread string through the bottom of each peg, then weave what ever you like round the pegs. When you have filed the pegs you simply lift them out of the holes and push the weave down the string.

I used up all of the slightly felted pieces of fleece that I had kicking around. Starting by pulling them out into long pieces (technically called roving). Then weaving them onto the pegs. Afterwards I washed it and slighted felted it. Then threaded fringes through. The loom works brilliantly ( thanks Trev!). Weaving is so quick! I am going to make some ‘bags for life’ next.



One response to “Peg Loom

  • Trevor

    I’m very glad it works OK as I was not quite sure how it is used, anyway, I’m also please to report that the Sloe gin work well but unfortunatly did not last so long.

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