Christmas Eve soup

On Christmas eve I never really fancy eating that much. I like to make a bit of room for the feast day, so we tend to stick to fruit and veg and lots of water. Today I have decided to make the most of the fresh veg we still have growing. Chard, leeks, Pac choi and some stored onions, I also have a couple I’d shop bought carrots to use up.


Along with the goose heart and neck from our Christmas goose. 99% Sencemeadow produce. My mum has also provided me with some wonderful winter herbs from her garden. Thyme, bay and sage.

So here’s the method. Put on a Joni Mitchell CD, I find something like the greatest hit or Blue works best with this recipe, then roughly chop the heart, half the onion, half the chard, the carrots and a leek or two. Heat some olive oil, brown the onions and some of the winter herbs, add the heart and neck, brown. Deglaze the pan with some sherry, ( I am using marrow wine). Add a chicken stock cube and enough water to cover. Turn the hob low, cover and leave for between 30-90 mins.



Strain liquid. Feed soft veg to the chickens and then put the heart and liquid back in the pan

If the meat on the neck is loose pull it off and then throw the bone away, if not leave the whole thing in. Finely chop all remaining veg, add to the stock 5-10 mins before serving. Taste and then play with the flavour. You can add more wAter if you want it thinner and pre cooked noodles I’d you want something more filling.


One response to “Christmas Eve soup

  • Gill

    This made me smile as I have just put a zillion chopped carrots in the oven to roast so I can make roast carrot and coriander soup for Christmas eve …

    Have a great Christmas and an even better 2012!

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