Venison in Brine

It snowed today. For the first time this Winter. Just a light dusting, but enough to let you know that it is December.


Its been a very meaty day. We despatched two ducks and a chicken this morning. All have been very slow grown (8 months), and have achieved excellent weights.

On Thursday this week, I am going to a party at my brothers house, so I thought I’d try making some charcuterie. I have a large Fallow deer leg in the freezer (not road kill), which I have been wanting an excuse to use. I have read up various methods and have amalgamated them to produce my own version. I am going to brine it for three days and then cold oak smoke it for a day. I hope to take cold smoked slices to the party.

The brine recipe was as follows ( made up by me)
400g of salt
100g of brown sugar
2 litres of water
A large slug of cider
Hand fulls of juniper berries, cloves, cinnamon sticks, bay leaves and peppercorns.

The meat is very cold, I have pierced it all over. The brine is cooling now. I will marry the two later tonight.



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