We’ve got a bit of a creeping buttercup issue on the plot which has gradually got worse over the year. It’s not poisonous to anything we keep, and geese apparently love it (although I’m yet to see them displaying signs of loving it), but it reduces the quality of the grazing pasture. Generally, creeping buttercup does better than grass if the soil is acidic. Having done some research on it, it seems that our land is a prime candidate for this, as it is quite heavy soil and is next to a river. So, to reddress the balance and give the grass a chance to beat the buttercup, we ordered some powdered garden lime.

We ordered 100kg to start with, to see how far this would go, and yesterday we started the application by topping and harrowing the area from the gate accross the top of the plot, all around the area under the tree and over to the veg beds. I did all this with the JD while Z followed be round with my Dads seed spreader, which all seemed to work fine. The amount we bought just about covered that area. We have no idea whether we’ve applied enough in the right places or not but hope it will help. We’ll just have to see. We’ll need to buy a considerable amount more (probably double at least) to do the bottom paddock area before Christmas. We just need some rainfall now to help the powder settle into the soil.


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