First Fox attack

This morning we went on to the plot to find a pile of feathers near the river. After doing a head count it became clear that three of our young Muscovy girls were missing. Everything else was untouched and no sign of the electric fence being breached. Just as we were standing scratching our heads a neighbough called over the gate. One of our girls was sitting in the river near the ford about 2 mins down river from the plot. We hurried down with a cage and picked her up. Sadly she had a fox injury, so we decided to cull her straight away. There have been no sign on the other two. We are assuming that as the girls are a bit older than we normally keep them, they have been testing there wings and flown over the electric fence in the night, which explains why none of the heavier boys have gone, they are more flightless than the lighter nimble girls.

It is sad, but as these were growing meat stock we are not as upset as we would have been if we had lost any breeders. It’s a lessoned learnt, clip wings at 10 weeks or risk this type escape and capture.


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