Soay sheep update

The Soays have been in the forest garden area now for about a month and they seem to be loving it down there. Lots of trees and peace and quiet. They are helping us get on top of that area by hard grazing it and fertilising it at the same time. In mid Oct we need to catch them up to worm them and check their hooves. After the disaster of last time we decided to change tactics. We have built a small catch pen inside a very large catch pen. We feed them every day in the large catch pen which means that we can get them in that area with no problems, the area is about 10meters by about 15 metres. It is then much easier to get them into the smaller catch pen, still a bit of rounding up, but no dangerous jumping and panicking. Oct was the first time we tried this technique, and I was much more pleased with the results. We caught them all, and wormed them all with minimal fuss. Tip for any would be Soay shepard, buy yourself lots (10 at least) of hurdles, this will save you heart ache.

Anyway this has made us change our mind again about our wolly little friends. We are keeping them! This winter we will be slaughtering the ewe that bred Rambo (to stop interbreeding) and the spare ram lamb. We may also cull the maddest of the ewes to try and calm the others down. This will leave us with 3 ewes and a lamb. We may then look to increase next spring.


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