Christmas Goose

Well we did the deed. We slaughtered the first goose a few weekends ago. Its always sad, but the deed itself was no more tricky than home slaughtering a duck, and was very quick. The plucking took an age, but I am reasonably happy with the finished bird. It weighed in at 3.7 kg which I think will make a lovely christmas dinner for four people. This one will be finding another home, but we will be fattening own  another one to slaughter fresh on Christmas eve, for the Sencemeadow family christmas, which will be 8 adults. We may serve it with a ham, to make sure we have plenty to go round.  We have decided to keep one of our young geese as a breeder. Beacuse she came fromMelton, she is unrelated to Lucy or Pierre, and will enable us to have a trio, this will mean that they are assured of compnay in old age, as Geese don’t do well alone.


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