My Day

I’ve had a lovely day today. Went to dog club this morning, my grandad and great aunt came over for lunch and chat (great to see them, hope I’m as ace as them in my late 80’s) then we went to pick up a dead deer I had spotted on the roadside on the way back from dog club. And this is where it gets a bit weird I suppose…

Anyway, I mentioned to z that I had spotted it and we thought we’d just go back and check it out, having checked legalities obviously, and what signs to look for. I pulled up on the verge and z got out to have a look, looking a bit shifty to be honest. To cut a long story short, it looked like it had primarily hit by a car in the head and it had happened pretty recently. Rigour was only just setting in, which probably meant it had happened this morning. The grass underneath it was hardly flattened and there was no sign of attack by crows or anything.

We took it home (the joys of a Volvo estate) and sneaked it across the footpath in a sheet and over to the polytunnel. Z butchered it and we could see no signs of anything dodgy, it was a young healthy muntjac deer. We decided it was best to avoid the gut cavity and butchered the legs, shoulder, saddle and neck off, with a few other bits for mincing. So from this:


We got 5.5kg of venison:


RESULT! We had burgers tonight which were scrummy, hopefully the rest will be too.


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