Canadian Thanksgiving

This post is in honour of my Canadian sister-in-law. I know that her and my brother and the kids will be celebrating today with a feast.( Will do you a goose next year!!)

I am using this day as a marker. This is the time of year when a few things need to happen, or be noted.

1) it gets colder, outside veg such as Chard, need some fleece protection to allow winter picking.

2) The light goes. We now have very little light before and after work, and therefore….
3) .. things stop growing. We still have loads of salad in the polytunnel, a full bed of leeks and chard, but nothing more will grow now. It’s more about light than heat, but there is not enough energy to create much growth. It’s important to have plenty of veg already grown by now, things will ‘store’ in the ground but not really get bigger.

4) The rasberries, courgettes, beans etc have all finished producing.The pumpkins and apples have been harvested.

5) Time to take stock of winter stores, will update with a winter stock take this week to enable us to plan hungry gap use, and therefore next years summer planting.

We are still spending little on fruit and veg, and nothing on meat or eggs. Did spend £40 at Weland feeds today though.


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