Soays in the Forest Garden


So on this beautiful October weekend we had a bit of a moveathon in the sun.

The plan really was to catch all of the soays to worm them and check them over before winter. However, as you may have learnt if you have read this blog before, our ability to catch our lovely sheep is zero. So the worming didn’t happen. We tried, but after the last disaster we decided we needed more hurdles, and, as they hadn’t arrived, we figured we shouldn’t push it. That’s not to say we haven’t made progress though, the 3 lambs are trotting around after us like puppies, and the most courageous of the ram lambs will eat from our hand (softest mouth EVER). But the mums are still convinced (not without evidence of course) that if they let us near, it won’t just be a tickle under the chin and a bit of willow to eat.

So anyway, worming out of the window, we just decided to move them into their new area in the forest garden. Now that the trees are protected and most of the permanent fencing is up, they can have a lovely time munching through the grass. We think their efforts will do the ground well as it hasn’t had livestock on it for at least 2 years.

The poultry have all now been moved to the top corner now too for wintering. There are a fair number of heirarchy battles going on but the happy campers sleeping a couple of metres from them on Saturday night reported little noise, so they’ve obviously all reached a compromise! Or the geese perhaps are boss? Not sure…


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