How to make a Goose House, (Economical/Recycled/Cheap)

I am hoping this post will be useful to other smallholders and by writing this as a ‘How to guide,’ I might get up the google listings and get it out there. I think this is such as good idea I wannna share it!

In my previous lisiting Winter plannning, I discussed buying a plastic goose house, the links lead me to several different designs. All of which were plastic, which I wanted. Plastic houses are easier to clean than wooden ones, last longer and also don’t harbour any nasty mites which can bother poultry. BUT, plastic is not so great for the enviroment, and all of them cost between £200 and £300….which is pants!

So, I had this idea of buying a little playhouse on ebay and using it for the geese. I just won an auction on this Little Tikes design for £36. It is pretty gordy in its current form, but I am going hamerite paint it green to make it a bit more outdoorsy.

Geese  don’t have massive requirements for a house, but I want to be able to shut them in at night as I think they are a bit noisy. This will muffle the sound, keep them dry and warm in the deep winter and I spose it could give fox protection if the windows were fitted with grills. I have an electric fence so fox protection is not such an issue.

Sadly the phone that comes as standard with this design is missing, but at least the play kitchen is still there. If you know anything about Geese you will know that they do love toys almost as much as dogs. Once I have installed it, I will take some pics of the gang playing with it.


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