Autumn stores

Today mother nature has told that it is Autumn, and who am I to argue. So I have spent the morning harvesting squash and apples and planning winter stews and apple cakes.

Storage is really important to self sufficiency but it’s really tempting in the summer to think ‘ oh we’ll never eat all this, I can’t be bothered to slice and freeze any more’. It important to remember the winter is long. What ever you harvest now has to last until spring next year! I don’t think becs and I will starve, what with the coop being round the corner and all, but I want as many meals to be 90% sencemeadow as possible.

Storing has been in all shapes and sizes this year from preserves, to freezing to cooking into meals and then freezing, but also dry storing like apples, potatoes and onions. The squash skins need to harden off in the winter sun before storing but generally they last really well too.

Becs had a few days off this week so whilst we are on the topic of storing, here is what she did to my baking cupboard. Yes indeed, this is a glimpse into the mind of a mad woman. Really though I am grateful, they are much easier to use.


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