Trailer Parked

Well, I continued to work on my ridiculose camping trailer project. Some of the highlights of this project include buying 2 pieces of 5ft x 3ft foam rubber from above Leicester fish Market and carrying them across town. People did point at me, I think I must have looked like a comedy sandwich. Two foam prices of bread with me as the filling.

Anyway, the good news is that the bed frame and foam was really comfortable on our three ‘man’ sleeping pod. The ‘men’ being me, becs and a hairy, smelly whippet that insisted on streatching it’s legs out to take up maximum room.

The trailer kitchen also worked pretty well. Thia being August in England, It did tip it down with rain on the second day and the surfaces got a bit wet, but the sink and stove set up was really convienient.

Also everything seemed to fit in the trailer really easily and we had all the stuff we needed.

Alterations for next time;

We realised that our tent was by far and away the smallest on the campsite, when it rained we were cramed in a bit, also the tent is about 5 years od and is keeling. So we are going to buy a bigger one. We will be recycling most of the parts of the old one into plot related products.

The trailer needs a better cover. The wast from the sink needs a pipe and vessel. Apart from that I am pretty pleased with it.


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