2nd Bee inspection

It was my turn to handle the hive this inspection. Becs did the smoking. I am really pleased to say we found the Queen. She was stood in the middle of a frame full of royal jelly singing “we will, we will rock you”…..and all of the workers were doing the double claps. So in the end she was pretty easy to spot. The hive has been busy since last week, lots of honey stores, a bit of brood and some royal jelly. They still have about 4 frames left to fill, so fingers crossed they will get busy before the end of the season.

The bees are so placid, they are very tolerant of us open their house and moving all their furniture around. We have decided to go for a no gloved approach ( opinions differ on this. Gloves= better protection, no gloves= better dexterity, which = better handling). So far no stings!!


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