Duck and rasberries

I just wanted to make a record of an amazing recipe that I tried last week. Which was simply lovely. You need
2 large duck legs (sencemeadow)
200 g of rasberries (sencemeadow)
1 large onion (sencemeadow)
Some thyme or rosemerry
A couple of large glasses of red wine
Chicken stock cube ( made up to about 100 ml)

The method

Heat some fat/ oil in a pan . I use previously collected duck fat. Brown the legs, set to one side.
In the same pan heat the chopped onion and herbs until soft.
Put aside 20 rasberries
Put all of the ingredients except the 20 rasberries plus some salt and pepper in a slow cooker. Braze for two/ three hours.
Once the meat is falling off the bone, Carefully remove the meat and set aside to rest.
Pour the liquid back into the original pan and reduce to a thick sauce.
Plate up with mash or couscous and in season green beans (sencemeadow) and pour the rich sauce on top. Dress with fresh rasberries.


We recon at the moment we are eating 80% sencemeadow. This is now representing a significant part of our income. In money terms, I am only spending about £30 a week on shopping rather than 60 or 70. Much of that is unedible stuff like cleaning products.


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