Trailer Project

I have a reputation within my family for being a bit obsessive when it comes to projects. In fairness, this is probably true and is one of the character traits that has enabled me to set up a  working small holding within a year of moving in. My latest project has been the renovation and customization of our 4ft x 6ft trailer. A while ago I blogged about how I had bought a large wooden crate that fits inside the trailer to convert it to a small livestock trailer. The crates weren’t cheap, £100 I think with the delivery costs, but if you compare that with the cost of buying a livestock trailer £1000 plus, it was a bargain. ALso, I now use the crates as sun/shower shelters for the sheep and geese when they are not in use as part of the trailer.

The trailer I use for general small holding jobs such as getting wood chip, or manure or picking up straw bails. This summer, I am giving the trailer a third lease of life. I am converting it into a trailer tent. …

The tent won’t be inside the trailer, but the plan is to build a removable kitchen in one end of the trailer and wheel it into the mouth of the tent for cooking. I am also using the load capacity of the trailer to take a large sleeping platform and cushions to allow a proper night sleep, even for 2 people and a whippet. (King size).

I have started some of this work and am enjoying it enormously. Becky is a bit fed up of me talking about it, but has been her usual tolerant self. (The eccentricity goes both ways, I was dragged to an international dog agility day yesterday..”Its an international event Zara!”).

I will update pics as I finish the project.


2 responses to “Trailer Project

  • Ruth

    I just can’t make my head understand what you’re doing, so I await the photos with a disproportionate amount of interest. I love your blog, thank you.

  • ZH

    Hi Ruth

    When are you going to guest blog on here???? Anything relevant to the theme would be wonderful, you are such a fab writer. Recipes, traditional craft, growing stuff, self sufficiency,recycling, cycling, animals..etc etc.

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