Lame Goose

The month seems to be wizzing by. We Have been away for a week to Germany and had a lovely break, leaving my mum and Dad in charge of all the animals. Before we left one of our gosling became lame and had ended up just sitting on the grass. So we examined him, there were no obvious breaks and he kicked his legs when we picked him up, but didn’t want to put any weight on them.

We read up on various solutions. Firstly we seperated him from the rest of the flock in an area where they could still see him through the fence, but where he had some peace and quiet. We then gave him some ivermectin to ensure it wasn’t a parasite issue. We also made sure he had very clean and fresh water to ensure he could recover if it was an illness such as bocherlisum. After a week we began some physio. Every day we would pick him up and stand him on his feet for 10 mins, eventually we could take our hands away and he could stand on his own. We continued this for a few days and the fantastic news is that he is now up and walking again. We still don’t know what was wrong with him, but I think if a goose is eating and drinking and preening, and has no obvious breaks, don’t give up on them too soon.


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