Bunny 3 Dispatch and Time Out for Lucy

The 3rd set of bunnies were all dispatched by the end of yesterday. We had done a couple of small batches during the week and left the final 6 of the 11 for yesterday. They had a lovely last half an hour or so having escaped from their run and free ranged accross the pasture (not for the first time with this particularly naughty bunch).

Mack and Flo have now been shifted over into the chicken area and the rabbit/runner area has been opened up to the sheep.

I made an executive decision with Lucy when she came off her nest and took away the remaining 2 eggs as they were really going nowhere. She wasn’t happy but seemed more intent on chasing Orville around than anything else. After clearing the nest and moving the shelters around we now have the geese with goslings in with the growing muscovies and the runners.

Orlando, vita and virginia are in the area under the tree with the chickens.


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