Friends for the Gosling formally known as Orville

The trip to Melton also ended in another purchase, albeit slightly unplanned, a couple of friends for Orville too. No idea what sort of geese they are but they are very cute. Also not sure of age, we thought they were the same age as Orville but when we got them home we realised he is a monster in comparison! The problem of scale when goslings are in a box next to bantam chicks…
Anyway, they are now in a cage in our bathroom with the primary school chicks as we think they have been hand reared and still need a bit if heat. An attempt at free ranging them ended in them running around after us cheeping so they have obviously imprinted on a person. This has never happened to us before and we were toying with the idea of house geese until they had been in for 5 minutes and created a straw/water/poo bath. We’ll keep them in for a week and then move them outside under an ark. Aah melton, a dangerous place…



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