Spin class

I am talking about the wholly jumper kind of spin class, not the locking yourself indoors on a bicycle with only one wheel type of spin class.  A few weeks ago my mum and I went along to a local spinning guild. It cost £15 to join for the year, and this enables you to go along once a month and sit next to lots of very experienced spinners who all lean over and help you to correct your silly mistakes. It was brilliant. Peer learning at its most wonderful. The women at this group are not just wonderful spinners, but wise country woman who love to share their knowledege. I learnt a whole load of things that day, such as how to make real rice pudding and other crafty tips.

Spinning has such a knack, it is pretty frustrating to begin with, but the wise woman of the spinning guild helped me to understand why they do it.

“If you’ve had a bad day at work, you just get home and jump on the wheel and your mind drifts away”

“Its the rhythm of it, its like meditation, tension doesn’t help”. ………Well no, indeed.

After that day I was hooked. So they let me borrow the ‘guild wheel’ for a month, which is an Ashford Traveller (for all you spinning wheel geeks out there). I have been getting on really well. I have used my Soay wool, which is a bit difficult, but I have managed to spin enough wool to make Oreo (the wonder whippet) a jumper. It is a hilarious garment, but has been great practice. I will upload a picture when it is totally finished. For now, gaze upon the wonderful Ashford below.

Ashford Spinning Wheel

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