Pasture Moves

Quick record of this weekend:

Pasture moves first:

1. Bunnies all moved to the top corner of the pasture nearest the gate, within electric fencing not attached

2. Runners moved in to the same area as the bunnies to give poor Vita a break from Linford the Pest and also to give the muscovies chance to produce pure muscovy eggs rather than eggs fertile with a bizarre runner/muscovy cross

3. Virgina and the ducklings moved accross to the chicken area along with Helena and the gosling (growing by the day visibly, Helena already frustrated at the lack of scratching behaviour by the gosling)

And also, Compost bin 2 remainin compost turned and whole bin filled with tops of 1 and 3. This bin will be covered and left. The remainder of bin 3 has been turned and filled with the remaining usable compost from bin 2 and will b our usable bin. The remainder of bin 1 has been turned and will be our filling bin. Bin 4 is being covered and left as well.

Plus, a bit of a tidy up of the polytunnel and some re-potting on of squash, planting up of tomatoes, cape goosberries and a sweet potato plant bought from the garden centre. Some basil plants also bought and planted in the the poly as the ones we tried from seed didn’t germinate. More kale plants also bought to fill in some gaps in the main outside beds. Beans effected by frost a week or so ago replaced with some others we started from seed and have been hardening off.

Also a bit of video of the lambs taken with camera, but need to filter footage for endless hours of the sheep sleeping…


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