Hatching goose eggs under a chicken and duckling hatch

As you can see from our lovely pictures, the poultry maternity ward has been very busy. Virginian hatched 13 ducklings two days a go. She ended up with 2 unhatched, and 2 dead at or near hatch, so that left 13 healthy little feathered balls. She is highly delighted to be out of the broody box after 38 days!! I am highly delighted to not have her flying at me in a rage every time I open the box to check her well-being.  

The real news story is Helena the wonder chicken who had hatched a gosling! She started out with 4 eggs, 1 was disposed of at candling stage and the last two seem nt to hae developed either, so she has ended up with one. It is very cute and fluffy. She seems a little run down after 28 days in a broody box but she it in and drinking well, so hopefully it wont take her long to build her strength back up. We didn’t intervene at all during the process or with the hatch.

The goosling looks very strong and is already grazing.

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