Veg Garden Progress

This weekend we spent an afternoon constructing a new bed at the end of the long veg beds that I am going to make into a big herb and possibly medicinal plant (if I can find any that are easy to grow) bed. For the moment the paths are sorted and we have covered the growing area with the leaf mulch that I collected in the autumn and that has been rotting down well and then covered that with weed suppressant membrane. Hopefully this will help kill the grass off and enrich the soil a bit if we leave it for a couple of months. In the meantime I can work out what to put in it.

In other news, the polytunnel is doing really well, plenty of salad leaves, pak choi, 4 tomato plants, sugar snaps, pea shoots, rocket, spinach and coriander starting to come through. Also planted up and soon to go out are sweetcorn, leeks, various squash, French beans and cape gooseberrys.

Outside the asparagus are coming up but not being picked to allow the crowns to establish properly (discipline being tested) and the potatoes are coming on well in their sacks. My random collections of flower bulbs are all coming through but basically I need to plant MORE! Plenty of gladioli coming through in the pots too. In the main veg beds the onions and shallots have taken really well, around 150 in all are in and the borlotti and runner beans are doing ok. We also have some kale in but I think more is needed. The broad beans aren’t doing too badly, just a few gaps. So I think all on track so far but I think a few more kale plants are needed and maybe a few more sweetcorn plants.

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