First Soay Lambs

The 23rd of April is Becky’s birthday, and unfortunately it didn’t bring the happy news we have been waiting for. We woke up and went out on the plot to do our normal morning rounds, to find one of the ewes lying down and next to her were two dead new-born lambs (twins). I presume they were still-born. They were entirely fine to look at, normal size ( I am guessing), she had clearly cleaned round both of their mouths, but the rest of their bodies were still in the sacks. When we went down to investigate, she got up and has been totally fine ever since. (A little bit of calling to them, but she is quickly distracted). She seems to be in good health.

I have no idea why the two lambs died (or were born dead). She is in good condition, and was all the way through the winter. The night was very mild and the electric netting had not been breached. Everything else looked normal. I am hoping that whatever has caused this will not affect the other ewes, as we are still waiting on 3 others.

If anyone reading this has any ideas at all as to what might have caused this problem, please add your thoughts to the comments, I have found lots of different ideas by reading forums etc, but nothing definitive.


One response to “First Soay Lambs

  • Auntie Sandra

    Such a shame about your lambs! I do know that sometimes, like babies, they need a bit of a shake to get them breathing as there is muck (ugh) in their mouths blocking the airways, but short of sleeping with them there is not much you can do and a P.M. costs a fortune. It doesn’t sound as if their is anything genetically wrong,was it her first? hope for better news with the next ones, and at least you wont have to eat the ram.

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