Helena the wonder ‘goose’

I crept out after dark tonight, to candle the 4 goose eggs that our giant Naked neck chicken Helena is sitting on. Guess what!!! It loks like 3 out of the 4 are developing. I will check again in a few days, but it all looks pretty hopeful. Helena is a fantastic broody and is worth her weight in gold (which is a lot, as she is so heavy). The weather continues to be wonderful, my farmer tan is getting more and more ridiculous (brown face and t-shirt arms).


3 responses to “Helena the wonder ‘goose’

  • jane fenn

    This is great.You,ve got a Great little set up.Do you find your indian runners very aggressive?.Im growing potatoes too ,special ones i bought in a french super market it’s an experiment,ill let you know how it goes and then send you some chitterlings?(is that the correct term?)if they are a sucsess.keep up the good work and banish the slugs ! love to you both .
    JANE xxxx

  • RJ

    Hey cous! The runners are generally pests, particularly Linford the boy. The girls aren’t aggressive but he is basically a pest with our other girl ducks so we’ve had to seperate them. They also dig little holes everywhere with their beaks. They are worth it for the entertainment though :-). Why are the potatoes special? Are they wearing berets? xxx

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