Downshifting and TV I just really enjoyed reading this bog entry, it got me thinking about our TV usage.  

From mid March onwards we are watching about 2 to 3 hours of TV a week. This is mostly due to the light nights meaning more time on the plot, late night dog walks and plotting and scheming the summer planting. Early mornings also mean earlier nights. In the winter we watch more TV as the nights are dark and we can’t be outside as easily, the wood burner creates a different focal point for the room and even in the winter we are turning it on less and less.

I have toyed with getting rid of the TV on a number of occasions, but haven’t ever managed to go through with it.  I’m increasingly unimpressed with the entertainment that is beamed into my home, I find it depressing, consumerist and unrepresentative. Maybe one day I will save myself £145.50 a year and put that into an indoor projects fund. Imagine how many craft materials and board games you could buy with that money.


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