Moody Broody

I dunno…..women!!

Lucy has been inconsistent in her sitting efforts to put it mildly.

On the eggs, fuss with the straw, look out at Pierre, bored with the eggs, off for a swim….what was I doing again…etc etc.

This slap dash attitude to raising offspring seems to be catching, as Virginia seemed to ‘have a day off’ on Saturday preferring to splash around and get covered in mud. Both are back on now, but we candled last night and nothing is developing yet.

We are going to leave it a week and candle again to see if they just hadn’t started properly. We have just received some goose eggs in the post, so we will add those to Lucy’s original brood and see what happens in a week. We will then throw out any non developers.

So truly don’t count your chickens until they have hatched. Part of me thinks we may have tried to get V going a bit too early. Good news is that Vita is laying again.

Becky meets the owl man tonight to learn more about our little owls, hopefully she will blog about it tomorrow.


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