We’ve got the Flo

So, after nearly losing faith in Flo (or rather Mack fo not doing his job properly), we have been out on the plot tonight and found that she has given birth today to around 10 baby bunnies! We have been looking for days for signs that she is about to give birth and there has been nothing until this evening when an unusually large amount of fur turned up in the corner of her run. She seems to have done away with preparation and general nesting and crammed it all into a day. Well she is busy afterall…

So, that’s great news, the 2011 bunny breeding is on schedule. Not sure how many will survive, it seems like a large litter, but she will soon deal with ithe situation if that is her opinion.

Also, Virgina is definitely in the for the long haul and Lucy is spending far more time on her nest, with Pierre faithfully guarding the doorway, than off, which is great news. If the 4 embden eggs that Z has ordered come tomorrow we think we will get away with putting them all under Lucy, if not, we may split our risk and put two under Lucy and two under Virginia. The timing should just about work and Virginia is probably more reliable than Lucy. Geese are apparently happy to foster so with any luck we should be able to just introduce any new goslings fairly easily.

Oh, and the owls are also very visible and active in the tree again, which is great, fingers crossed for a successful brood for them too this year!


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