Virginia has gone broody, Lucy is thinking about it.

Slightly behind schedule and only on 13 eggs, but, bless her, she has done it again. I am a bit concerned about Vita, we put her in first to try and get her sitting, but she didn’t seem to know what to do and just sat by the broody box looking lost. I have read something about the dominant duck going broody first, and I think Virginia is the more dominant of the two. Virginia was such a great mum last year, I am fully expecting at least 10 ducklings on the 1st of May.

Lucy (our goose) is still thinking about it. She has 4 eggs in the nest (and maybe another one today), she has made a huge nest in the little house we built for her, and keep going in and sitting for an hour or so, fussing with the hay and then coming out again. I have ordered 4 more ebden eggs from ebay, so hopefully once they go in, she will think the clutch is big enough. We really aren’t counting on this, as it is her first year, but I have my fingers crossed.


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