Winter holiday..sustainable living

Last week we drove down to the alps to do a bit of skiing for a week. Becs especially loves this type of holiday and we would be really sad to give it up, so we were lucky to have some excellent volunteer farm-sitters in the form of Becky’s mum and dad.

I have been wrestling with this type of holiday for another reason. It just doesn’t seem very sustainable to me. The article above highlights some really easy ways to make skiing greener, such as driving rather than flying (which we did) and recycling while you are there (which we also did),but these types of efforts seem minor when you realise that for part of the week THEY WERE MAKING SNOW! To ensure excellent snow all winter seasons most resorts make a certain amount of snow if the weather can’t be relied on. I feel pretty uncomfortable about this, I was thinking it must uses tonnes of Co2 to make snow??

Having looked into it a little bit more, it seems as though the industry is aware of the potential impact that energy use through snow making might have on the environment. Half way down the page in this article it seems to suggest that the practice is very heavily monitored and restricted.
So, I’m not sure what to think. In theory I guess if we were trying to live a more sustainable life we wouldn’t go skiiing.. in the same way we way we have almost entirely cut flying out of our lives, but the reality is we love being in the moutains and having a change of seasnery.

I might try and work out how many hedging trees I need to plant this season to offset our winter trip…or is offsetting just a cop out?


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