Growing a crop for animal feed

Have done some research about what good crops to grow for animal feed are and quinoa seems to be a good one for this climate. It seems to be easy to grow and is resistant to pests as it has a coating on it that birds and other animals don’t like. You can get rid of this when you want to feed it to your animals (or yourself) by soaking it overnight. It grows to around 6 foot and is quite pretty and it als self seeds which could be handy. We are thinking we may be able to underplant it with a beet of some sort which would also be useful for feeding to the bunnies or sheep. At the moment we’re thinking that a line down the side of the camping patch would be easy to achieve as we’ve had black plastic down which has killed the grass. we can till that into a thin seed bed. The other advantage of Quinoa is that it has edible leaves a bit like spinach, useful for us and the bunnies. We may think about this as a shelter crop for this year instead of using hedges.


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