Spring 2011

Well it’s almost here. It’s now just about light if we rush out of work by 4.30 and get home by 5. It’s light in the mornings from 7am which really helps. Still had a little frost last week, so I mustn’t get too carried away.

The planting year had begun again, we are forcing some Rhubarb already and chitting potatoes.

One of the ducks layed an egg today. The first one of the season, this is great except I can’t tell if it is a Muscovy egg or a runner, it looks a bit small to be a Muscov, but they might just be warming up. Our runner drake is ‘bothering’ our Muscovy girls which could be a disaster for our meat futures, we don’t want skinny cross breeds. We may have to pen them seperately once we start collecting eggs for hatching.

I can’t wait to get outside a bit more. Life at the moment is too much about keyboard tapping work and not enough about mud and food.


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