Over the weekend I made 3 pies. I used up a load of the rabbit stew packs. These are the packs in which I put all of the cheap cuts and offal. I also used a fe other cheap bits and pieces. I minced all of th emeat down and seasoned it well. This is called a high sided pie and is based on a HFW recipe. Although I still haven;t got the jelly bit to work. Although lots of people tell me they don’t like the jelly anyway. I’m not planning on having these hanging around for ages so maybe I can live with out it.

The pie is made in a cake tin. And then removed from the cake tin and reglazed and baked, to give a nice shiny finish.  The pastry is a hot water pastry, which is really easy to make.  The filling is mince and boiled eggs. The whole thing is cooked at about 160 for 2 hours.

I have a made a huge one to take on holiday this year. (Perfect for a quick bite on go)

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