Community and Pending spring

The other day, when Becs and I were woman-handling the trailer onto the back of the car for some errand or other, a friendly voice came over the gate.

” Do you need a hand”. One of our neighbours, on the way back from walking his dog offered. We both looked up..

” Oh, no of course not, you girls are quite capable..” He checked himself immediately, looking a bit embarrassed.

It got me thinking, is that the impression we give off? Totally capable and offended by the offer of help? What a shame. I know we are both such practical and capable types that people must read it like that, but I would have said ‘yes’. The trailer was heavy, and an extra pair of hands would have made the job more pleasant.

Independence and self-sufficiency runs through both of us, like sticks of rock, and that means we love being able to do things ourselves with our own land and our own muscle..but….permaculture is all about community. In the fullness of time I want this project to be about more than just the two of us. I am thinking about buying a little incubator to lend to the local school. I would love to help them raise some Sencemeadow chicks (which they are welcome to keep, or give back depending on space). I have a contact on the governing body of the local primary school, so I am making that a target for this year. It’s not much, but its a start.

On other matters….

I’m still waiting to hear back about my Muscovy article. I sent them a ‘lovely’ picture of myself as requested, but hey ho, maybe they were looking for a bit more glamour. Seems like February is all about waiting. Every night I come home, hoping it will be light enough to play on the plot, but the nights are slow to draw out.

My sheep skin is ready and seems to be looking really good. I will upload a photo soon. It’s very small, but perfectly formed.

I have eagerly sown some seeds, but they haven’t worked. Just need a bit more light.

Last weekend we got lots of nice comments from the locals about the plot and our plans for the spring. I am excited about the possible nearing end to winter.


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