Waste not want not Christmas Craft

This weekends joint is a leg of our lamb. In order to cut down the fat in take I decided to bone the leg out, trim the fat, roll the joint and do a quick roast served pink. A and S are coming over for a pre Christmas meal on Thursday so I wanted to experiment. After boning the meat, Orio our little whippet got the first of the spoils.

Then I weighted the meat. Without the bone, the leg meat weighs nearly a kg. Plenty for 4 people.

This left us with lots of little bits of fat, so we decided to make some fat ball bird feeders.

All you need is some string and and fat, and some seeds. We made ours in coke cans or lemonade bottles. We melted the fat in a cup in the microwave and then poured it on to the seeds.


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