Christmas is coming and the smallholder is getting fat

Well all this living the good life has left me rather on the round side. We were cycling to work which was keeping my weight in check, but with the Baltic conditions that has fallen off a bit for a few weeks. Weight gain in relation to ‘self’ (rather than the holding pigs) is not something small holders talk about a great deal. I think the whole vanity thing isn’t really part of this life style, but we are supposed to be more healthy. I am not eating any more meat than I used to, but rolled sheeps belly is a lot more fatty than shop bought chicken breast. So I am now having a concerted effort to shed a few pounds before shorts and t-shirt weather comes around again.

One of the difficulties is that lots of preserving methods involve sugar. Pickling and jamming increase sugar levels up to obsceen amounts, and sausage making certainly requires plenty of fat. Also the desire to use every cut of meat means than inevitably some of the fatty cuts are eaten rather than made into dog food.

The summer bounty is well and truly used up, so I need to buy in most of our food now. I can make a few sensible choices before next season.  Its much easier in the summer when salads are very plentiful and there is no much physically to do. ……It much more tempting to bake cakes and sit by the fire in December.


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